Monday, August 29, 2011

AvocadoAC - Activity Classifier

Today I'm presenting work on the  AvocadoAC activity classifier application, for Android smart phones at the 5th Asia-Pacific Congress on Sports Technology .

Purpose of AvocadoAC

To continuously measure physical activity, classify activity by type and quantify activity intensity using the sensors of a smart phone.  Once known sports training activities are detected the specialist application MyTracks is invoked to record and analyse activities in more detail.

This information can be used to:
  • Provide life-style information on total exercise, health and activity levels.
  • Infer further lifestyle information by combining with other information sources, for example location data.
  • Provide context to reduce data gathered and data management problems for sports tracking by only gathering high bandwidth data when it’s likely to be useful.

The smart phone is an attractive platform for context-awareness because:
  •  People carry mobile phones around in their day-to-day lives.
  • Activity monitoring can run as a background application
  • Smart phones are becoming ubiquitous.

Battery life can not be significantly impacted.
Mobile phones are carried and used in a variety of ways.
Different model Android phones have different functionality. In particular some models disable the accelerometer when the screen is off.

Get the presentation . 
Try the AvocadoAC activity classifier.

Ken Taylor, U. A. Abdulla, R. J. N. Helmer, J. Lee, and I. Blanchonette. Activity classification with smart phones for sports activities. In APCST 2011: 5th Asia-Pacific Congress on Sports Technology, Procedia Engineering. RMIT University, Elsevier, August  2011. 162k View Download

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