Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Green Edge Goes To Parliament

With a lot of help from others, Umran and I have been tracking the new Green Edge road cycling team during their training camp at the AIS and Thredbo and improving live tracking technology as they train. Rides were tracked in Canberra and Thredbo. Today the team rides to Parliament and the  Minister for Sport, Mark Arbib will ride along with the team. We may get the opportunity to track him. Live tracking technology can provide detailed information to a race audience and if a whole field is tracked, offers the potential for live web telecasts of races. Tracking during training provides feedback to coaches to enable them to analyse performance while training is taking place. Using an amalgam of technologies including Google My Tracks, Map My Tracks, our own Android app and wireless sensors we can provide cyclist position, speed, heart rate, power and cadence.


We did get to track the minister and it was fun watching. In retrospect I wish I'd driven down to parliament house to watch them arrive. From the AIS to parliament house we are tracking Mark riding with the Green Edge team, ACTAS,  the ACT Sports minister Andrew Bar and some other riders I didn't recognise. Mark proceeds directly to the parliamentary forecourt while the other cyclists (at least the ones we tracked) do another lap around parliament house before joining. Rebecca Wiasak, who I haven't seen since the camp, was there with ACTAS and carried a tracker as well. At the parliamentary forecourt Mark Arbib's tracker was retrieved and the subsequent path was the team car.

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